New York New York | Part 5

Hey there lovelies, 5 weeks on and we are finally here. At the point in the week the big and exciting thing happened. At the end of last weeks post I left you all with a little cliff hanger and if your reading this, it means my plan to entice you back here has worked. But If by some chance you just stumbled across my blog in search of something light to read, your in the right place. 


June 13th 2017, I know I haven't dated anything else and truth be told our days and nights were so long I couldn't tell the days apart. But this day, this day I know. Its the day before my birthday and and we wound down the day with yet another stunning walk around Central Park, the sunsets continued to amaze and astound me. This evening Martin suggested walking a different way to what we had walked previously, which was fine by me  I'm all up for exploring. All evening I thought he seemed a little preoccupied but I thought nothing of it and he kept suggesting to sit down, but we had taken new route so there were new things tho see and the last thing I wanted to do was sit down no matter how tired my feet were, there was too much to see.

But when the sun was barely showing its golden head above the skyline I gave in and we sat down on grassed area of the park and just chilled and drank beer. Still none the wiser to what he had in store. 

Finally sitting down made me realise just how tired I really was, we had been on our feet all day and seen so much and a little alcohol was just finishing me right off, so I asked if he was ok to go back to the hotel and he reluctantly agreed. When I'm tired I'm the kind of person that needs to go to bed there and then and if I don't Imma use the closest rock as pillow and pop off to never land. Back in the room I have a quick shower ( I mean quick 10 mins max) put on my comfy PJ's and head into the main part of the room to realise that Martin isn't in the room... We had both enjoyed sitting in the window sill and looking out at the view so I stuck my head around the curtain, to discover he's not there. And truth be told I had no idea where he had gone. Part of me thought he'd gone to the bar or carried on walking the streets without me and he pissed at me for wanting to go bed..Boy was I wrong.

I made my self comfy in bed and watched a little TV, it felt like he was gone hours but realistically is was about 20 mins if that. He strolled into the room with a huge smile on his face like he'd been up to no good and placed a bottle of Champagne and glasses along side it on the table.. (I'm thinking early birthday drink ..coool) 

He hands me a card ... ( birthday card... only a few hours early thats cool too) 

As I'm opening this card he's made his way over to the other side of the bed and picked up his bag that he's been carrying around with him ALL DAY...

Iv'e taken the card out of the envelope ... I'm reading ... I look up 

Too see him perched on the same side of the bed with me with this little open black box ...

The card reads... 

He placed the ring on my finger and it was a perfect fit, and it felt comfortable. It felt right. 
If ever there is a moment in my life that I never want to forget when I'm grey and old, it's this one. My heart was pounding. I had tears streaming down my face. I'm blubbering uncontrollably, and trying my hardest to muster the word "Yes!"  But I'm sure I just squeaked and cried some more and held him so incredibly tight. I didn't want to let go of that moment and I wanted to stay there for as long as I could. 

His next words are some thing that still make me chuckle and well up now, even writing them..

"Don't cry, it's ok. Ive only asked you to marry me" 

What he didn't understand was the fact I have know for a very long time that this was  the Man I wanted to marry. The Man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and grow old and have a family with. Even if he didn't know it at the time I've always known that he'll be ready for it one day. There had been so many hints that I had given and as man I just didn't think he as taking them in and reregistering  them. So when this week had come round and all my friends are asking do I think he's going to pop the question I just shrugged my shoulders and said probably not buts that ok.. we are going to make so many more memories there anyway. So seeing as I completely wiped this from my list of things that could happen you understand my sheer shock and uncontrollable tears. Ive never cried so many happy tears in my life.

This evening we went bed knowing that when we woke up in the morning we were stepping into the next chapter of our life. And I'm hoping that the thought of that excited him just as much as it excited me.

Standard behaviour of anyone who is addicted to Instagram or blogger is take a photo of everything and anything exactly when it happens,  but I knew full well that I couldn't post anything on social media until I had done the rounds and told family and friends, and me being a really impatient person and having to wait a whole day in order to be able to tell any one was night mare... no matter how good the news I'm not sure anyone would have appreciated being woken up at a ungodly hour because of time zones... But I'm glad that this was was case, it meant that we spent the day with just us, and no contact with anyone from home, or social media. It was a perfect day and to top it off. It was my birthday. He has  no excuse to forget this date now! 

Now as you can tell from the photos above, I found any and all opportunities to show of my  ring. Wouldn't you? As comfortable as it felt on my hand, It caught my eye throughout the day and had a moments of realisation each time that my man had asked me to spend my life with him. I still have those moments now and we are almost a year on. Though we still had a few more days left in the Big Apple, there was nothing that was going top this now. So thankfully we had already done what we had wanted to mostly so we spent the last few days going rogue, no idea where we were heading and no purpose other than exploring. 

I really couldn't recommend taking a trip to new York any more than I have already. We bloody loved it. And it thoroughly was a monumental trip for the both of us. As much as like having photos of these precious moments I love knowing that when we go back to New York we will be flooded with all these momories that we made. Just like a smell can remind you of a certain time in your life or a particular event. 

Come Follow me... 

As you know from a previous post of mine, my self and my other half will be running a half marathon later on this year, and all donations go towards Stand Up To cancer and are all so so appreciated. We can all do our part in destroying this horrible disease



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