The Important Woman in my life

Hello there you wonderful people, Seeing as it International Woman's Day, I thought it was only right that I had a post for those important women in my life. And after a recent evening with a few of my girlfriends that ended at 6am (we started at 6pm FYI), I thought what would I do with out them. And in all honesty I couldn't tell what I would do. They keep me sane!! 

I have never been the kind of person to have a lot of friends and I was always the odd one out at school. And even now I don't have a huge group of close girlfriends. Like they say it's quality over quantity. I have a few close friends but they aren't close friends with each other and would only ever really been in a room together for me. I love them all equally none the less. If I sat here and typed away about every friend that I have ever made then this would be a bloody long blog post but this is about those ride or die friends that you know you call at midnight and they would still pick up! The ones that know will be there every single step of the way, the ones that would help you to burry a body if you accidentally flipped a little too much one day.. Those friends!! 

A few years ago my friend Hannah aka my Maid of Honour introduced me to a few of her close friends and I'm so glad she did, because these ladies are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I knew of them as we all went to the same college but at the time I found them very intimidating (yes they know this, it came out over few cocktails the other month) One I always felt was just way too cool and edgy and there was no way on earth she'd want to know who I am. and then the other fabulous lady.. well she's a brain box especially with her literature.. I mean jeez why on earth would someone that intelligent ever want to have a conversation with me... I honestly wondered what the actual hell Hannah was thinking when she got us all together..I actually thought she was of her rocker... Since then these ladies have learn't my deep dark secrets and have been absolute rocks to me and I think we have all been rocks for each other. And every now and then we get together and drink wine and just chat.. for hours and hours until we get kicked out of wherever we have landed for that evening, I'm beginning to think we need a more permanent residence least then we don't have a time limit. 

I can't explain what it is about talking with them that just gives me a whole new prospective on a day, week or month. We all have so many things going on in our lives that we don't get to vent on a normal day to day basis. I think that not getting a chance sometimes and bottling all up can really take its toll on us, so I know for me personally I'm am really greatful to have these ladies in my life and like to think that feeling is mutual. I think everyone needs a least one person that they can vent to without judgement and to have someone that can give feed back and advise on certain life situations. I know I'm definitely one of the lucky ones, I have these amazing ladies and my equally amazing fiancĂ© and to top it off I have another besties, who is just as amazing. She's the one to go to for the hard core truth as she just tells how it is, no messing around!! We all need at least one of those friends too!! Sometime we only hear or see what we want to hear or see so we need someone to take the blinders of for us, trust me she's great at that and I wouldn't change her for the world. 

Just A Few Photos Of The Amazing Women In My Life 

All of these Ladies at some point in time have listened to me rant and ramble and suported me in one way or another. And they may not know it but I am very grateful to them for that. It's the simple things like putting a smile on my face on the greyest of days. So thank you and I love you, make sure you all continue to be Amazing Women! 

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As you know from a previous post of mine, my self and my other half will be running a half marathon later on this year, and all donations go towards Stand Up To cancer and are all so so appreciated. We can all do our part in destroying this horrible disease

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