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Hey there lovelies, There are so many reviews out there that always seem to be hyping up products that don't always deserve the hype. People then fall into a false belief that a product is amazing ( iv'e been there, its the reason I own these products) Now this may come across a little harsh, but I'm telling the truth which is something I find some Youtubers and Bloggers don't seem to know the definition of.These are things that I have collected over the last year.. So I didn't do too bad really. Only finding 5 products in a year that I Do not like is pretty good going I think. 

Yes my dislike towards these products is purely my opinion, and in no particular order I'll start with the Sleek True Colour Matte lipstick in the colour Papaya Punch... the colour of this product is stunning, I bloody love it. But this is THE most drying lipstick I have ever put my lips. My lips actually felt chapped when I took this off (5 mins after applying) I am very much a matte lipstick kinda gal.. But theres just no need for any lipstick to be THAT drying. 

Next up on the disappointment list... is NYX Liquid Suede as you can tell I always go for the matte items..Maybe I should just consider avoiding them!  This lipstick applies lovely, and dries stunning. Just when you think you've found a great matte liquid lipstick... the disappointment kicks in .. it goes flaky and super patchy. And obviously lacks the ability to be able to be topped up because then you end up with thick clumps that just gather up on you lips. And NO ONE wants that. besides the flaky patches.. its great..... 

This one I was actually shocked that I didn't like,  I absolutely love the original Lash Sensational. But I think because of the additional Oil added to the formula it changed the whole texture of the Mascara. It didn't apply the same way, it went super clumpy when applied and I found it to be quite flaky throughout the day. I was very much expecting the same curved applicator that's with the Original.. I think that would have improve the application issues for me...

 Cream Contour... isn't this just supposed to be the thing of dreams.. for me I had more nightmares about this product!! Maybe thats too harsh, Itdeffiantly wasn't a good product for me that's for sure and has totally put me off cream contours. I know I'm no expert when to comes to makeup but I know how to blend and these creams didn't.. Not even a little. I tried different foundations as a base ... I tried contour first then foundation, I tried adding a facial oil to them tho help blend out a little ... I guess that kind of helped. But I don't have a spare hour in my day blend out my contour if I'm totally honest with you. 

Another mascara? I hear you say!! Yes, yes it is. It hasn't been a good year for mascara! This is my most recent purchase and addition to the disappointment box.. (yes I have a box for these things) I think my main issue with this mascara is the applicator. I doesn't seem to distribute that product evenly and I all just clumps together. This is the one out of all of these that remember being hyped up the most!! I to be quite frank, I wouldn't even recommend this to my enemy.. (not that I have any .. but you get the idea) It doesn't make your lashes look like you have "falsies" on, not at all. I just makes them look heavy and clumpy... but if thats what you after then by all means this is the mascara for you! 

What makeup products do you regret buying? 



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