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OH boy its been a while ..

I feel like I have very much neglected my blog for a while now. Im not even going to try give a reason or excuse. Life happened and I lost interest in my blog. I have how ever been rather active on my Instagram and I even created a new account for our home, I got hooked one night scrolling lots of home accounts and I wanted to be a part that so I started Our_home_at_No.1  I post pictures and little videos of my home and cleaning things, oddly enough I find it rather satisfying - who knew I'd find a love for cleaning one day. 

But this does not mean I lost my love for skin care or make-up. If anything my skin care routine has become a little more engrained in me. So as a "getting back on the saddle" kind of post I thought I'd show you my favourite skin care products.

Now in the 3 years I've been blogging you have probably heard me rave on about Elemis products. I never thought I would be the person to purchase high end Skin care, and to anyone the thinks the same and hasn't yet got their hands on any. I recommened that you do. Now I am most defiantly no expert when it comes to skin care, but skin speaks for it self. Ive come to the conclusion that I'm always going to have at least one spot on my face and that my skin will never be completely clear and I'm just going to have to except that fact. But the one thing that swear by to help maintain my problematic skin in this Nourishing Omega rich Cleaning oil with active ingredients of Winter Rose Oil, Chia Seed Oil and Pomegranate Extract, Your can defiantly smell the rose oil with this cleanser. It's absolute divine!! 
I'm yet to find something better to take off my face at the end of the day. And unlike past cleansers that I have use I can actually feel moisture sinking into my skin when I use it. Making it a perfect addition to my routine, I use this both morning and night even if I haven't had any makeup on that day, I find its a good habit to be in. That way when I go a few days with out wearing make up I haven't fallen out routine of doing it. 

As you can tell by the almost full bottle this is a relatively new addition to my skin care routine. But I have found that it really helps to get down to the deeper layers of my skin and pull out any excess that the previous cleanser left behind, but to be honest thats not much after using the Nourishing Oil. But what I do really love about this Biotec Skin Energising Cleanser is how clean and refreshed my face feels after using it. I love products that you can feel working, with this my skin feels squeaky clean after. It has to be said I am so so thankful for staff discount, If I didn't work at the hotel I don't know what I'd do, because now I've have these in my life I couldn't not..  I can hear my bank account crying at thought!  HAHA! 

The Garnier Micellar Water, has been a staple in my skin care for  some time now and I think it will continue to be there for  while longer. This is perfect for those lazy days. It keeps my skin moisturised and clean. And thats kind of all you can ask from a micellar water. I have tried other brands with and without oil. But I find that they don't pull as much out of my skin and they tend to be a little on the drying side, and in the colder weather thats really not what you want. You really don't need a huge amount of the product to have the desired affect, which is great for the bank account. I buy a bottle about once every 4 months... it just lasts that long. Granted it's not something I use everyday just those lazy days when I'm not wearing makeup and I want to give my skin a little pick me up, its the perfect little refresher! 

Mario Baduscu is a brand I find is raved about for a few months and is all over my social media and the next I see nothing. Though I think I think it needs to by raved about all year round. I brought this as part of set as I'd never tried any of their products and wanted to try out more than just one, understandably I have my favourites and others are still sitting on my shelf barely used. This in one of my favourites for sure. During the hotter days this has been sure an amazing refresh for my skin and quick cool boost whether I'm wearing makeup or not, I doesn't ruin anything. And the smell is divine, I love floral scents,I find them so calming and refreshing.

Elemis Hydra Boost, my, my, my. I don't know where to begin with this little beauty. 1) A pea sized amount literally does my whole face and neck, which I think is an insane amount of coverage for a moisturiser 2) Holy cow it's moisturising!! I chose this every night over a night time moisturiser just because my skin feel so much firmer and hydrated in the morning with this.  3) It smells bloody fantastic - scent is a big thing for me in a skin care product. Im putting it on my face so I'm defiantly going to be able to smell it so it need to be nice doesn't it really. This has extract of Samphire, Starflower Oil and Organic Myrtle, though to me I get lavender notes, which maybe is another reason I love it for night time. I know Elemis do have a night time moisturiser so I'm considering giving this ago.  

Fianlly, this is a little bottle of spot zapping joy that is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion!! 

Drying lotion has been something Ive repurchased a few times since I  first had it in a little set. Its amazing for those super stubborn spots that you get round the "time of the month" I have unfortunately ran out currently but I am going to get anther one. With my wedding coming up I'm thinking this is going to a necessity. I can see it saving my life the night before the wedding.

Speaking of wedding I am hoping to get a wedding related post up in the next week or so, though I am not promising anything. Given my track record I could be a lot longer than that.  Any way this is me signing of for now - It's 11.00pm for me now and I'm knackered I spent the day editing a video from our trip to New York last December. New York, New York So good night all!! 

Thanks for reading 
see you soon 

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