Martins Shave Day

Hello all!! the last few hours I spent scrolling back through some pictures from the worst days of my life and the best days. This oddly enough is one of the best days. Yes the day we shaved martins hair is one of the best days. If this first photo doesn't tell you why then I'm not sure what would. These are some of the most supportive people I have even known. A good handful of these people I see maybe twice a year if we're lucky. But these are people I know I can rely on when we need them. These are the friends the friends that are more like extended family. 

 As I mentioned in Martins Update his hair started to Come out within just a few weeks of starting his chemotherapy. It started slowly and day by day it started to come out more and more so this day couldn't have come at a better time. 

Because of Martins cancer he was unable to work and with all of the trips to the hospital I had to go down to part time work which literally halved our household income.  As adult with bills to pay this is really quite a scary thought. But Laura at Fishmore did a very kind thing of setting up a donation page for us, people donated thick and fast. So fast it was actually overwhelming. I always find money a very odd and slightly difficult thing to talk about and when people are literally handing it to me I don't quite know how to feel about it or how to behave. I would most definitely never ask anyone to their face for money, thats just not who I am. But the fact that we had strangers donating was just surreal, once again the support we received was amazing. 

Trust there to be one to take it too the next level with the scissors size..AHA. I love that no matter the situation, you can rely on someone to make the situation a little more light hearted. Just when we'd all had a go with the scissors we took to the clippers to even it all out, we couldn't very well leave looking like we had just hacked at his hair now could we.. 

"Do what you can, with all that you have, wherever you are"

A massive thank you needs to be said - to all our friends and family  for your never ending support finically and mentally. We literally could not do this without. you all have been truly outstanding people and we love you, and an extra thank you to Pete @P.A.W.Photography for bringing your camera along with you and capturing these get photos. I love having photos around the house and photo albums, though the reason behind this day isn't great, I still love the photos to look through as a little reminder to strong, you are not alone. 

F*ck Cancer 

Thanks for reading 

see you soon 

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